Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcoming Eleanor JoAnne

We wanted to publicly introduce you all to our sweet new Eleanor JoAnne. She's been in our family for a little over 2-months now and we couldn't be more pleased :)

For those of you interested, I'll entertain you with the birth story. For those not interested, please feel free to scroll down to the adorable photos of our beautiful daughter :)

Little Eleanor was due on May 10th, 2012 but was quite comfortable where she was. I photographed families almost right up to my due date, and stayed physically active during the entire pregnancy, so I fully expected her to come early, seeing that her brother came right on time on May 16th, 2 years ago. In my mind, I planned on laboring at home right up until it was time to deliver her, and then we would rush to the hospital just down the road. And if we didn't make it...we didn't make it. I wanted to avoid all of the hospital procedures, including those annoying needles and wires. I had my last OB appointment on May 14th, and he was not confident that she would be coming anytime soon. I was at 3cm and 90% effaced, but if you've had children before, you know that really doesn't mean much. He stripped my membranes and asked that we schedule a time for an induction.


I did NOT want an induction. This was the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen. Induction meant LOTS of intervention, wires, and meds. Blech. Not what I had planned in my head. So after the doctor's appointment, I did everything. I even went as far to contact my chiropractor for some pressure point magic. Nothin.

We celebrated our son's 2nd birthday on May 16th of that same week and I just kept thinking they were going to share a birthday. But that day, too, came and went without a single sign of her coming.

We entered the Lompoc hospital around 6:45AM on May 17th for the dreaded induction. I didn't get a minute of sleep the night before, knowing I was going to have our little one in the morning. Not only that, the uncertainty of the pitocin made me incredibly anxious (and not in a good way). The socially awkward nurse that was assigned to me was sweet enough, but didn't do much to calm my nerves either. Doctor Huss came in to check on me before the pitocin started and informed me that he'd be there as soon as his finished a c-section he was on his way to. I jokingly told him that I was going to have my baby by 10, but he laughed it off and sarcastically told them to crank my pitocin up full blast...he just knew how excited I was about it.

The pitocin kicked in quickly and my contractions came on strong and hard. My loving husband and amazing labor assistant, Amanda, calmly talked me through each painful contraction, reminding me to relax. My incredible mom was watching our little man during all of this (at home, we thought...later we learned they were in the waiting room). After only about an hour of very intense (and very quick) labor, we naturally delivered our new little girl into this world at 11:09AM. She was a beautiful 7lbs 12ounces and 20 inches long. And boy, oh boy, she came out crying. She cried for the first hour I knew her, and I thought this was a taste of what was to come. Especially since she didn't sleep AT ALL during the first night in the hospital...that's usually when they sleep the most! But after getting her home and getting to know her a little more, we realized she's so calm and precious. The most difficult thing about her so far is her sensitive tummy, but we're doing our best to help her with that.

Even though everything went smoothly and I'm so glad she's here, I pray I never have to be induced again. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

We love you very much little Ella Jo. You're growing so beautifully and we can't wait to spend forever with you.

Brand new Ella

Ella with Grandma

Ella with Daddy

Ella with her 'Manda

Our brand new family

Heading home!

Our beautiful Ella at 1-week-old



Loves her toes!!

As of week 9, she's rolling over. What a strong little one! :)

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  1. Your baby girl is incredibly precious! Congrats to you and your family! One more thing we have in common, we've both had a child delivered by Dr. Huss lol Gotta love Lompoc! Beautiful pics!