Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ponies, Parasols, and Softballs- The Jordahl Kids

The Jordahl's knew we photographed their friends at our favorite farm spot, and they also wanted that location. But this sweet family came prepared-- they brought carrots and celery for our pony pals! 

Not only did we have that adventure, but little Zachery just learned how to walk a couple months ago and he was ready to show me his skills. Sitting down was not an option for this little guy. Which worked out well, since I was ready to chase him down for a great photo!

Aren't these two adorable!?

 Little Sydney. She was sooooo cute. And so willing to give me great smiles.

Daddy let Zachery get up close with the horses. I LOVE the expression!

Little Sydney feeding the ponies. She was so nervous about them getting her, but eventually she was a feeding pro!

Zachery on the move! Still so adorable.

Exploring the new toys I brought them :)

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